Hi, I hear you're looking for rare skills. I'd be happy to help. Interested?
Still here? I see you're connected... Answer the phone!
Who are you? How did you get my number? How did you get my number? I'm not interested
Sorry if I sounded suspicious. I'm a reliable supplier. My skills are unique. Tell me yours.
Why should I give you my skills? First tell me what you're offering. I'm not one to be fooled.
I understand your caution. My skills will allow you to defend yourself against anything. Unique and powerful. Tell me yours.
I don't just give away my skills. Explain to me in detail what you're offering. I want to be sure it's worth it.
Sorry, but I can't reveal everything here. My offer is limited. If you want to know more, tell me about your skills.
Message expires on reading
Soldier HydreFilleSoldier Hydre

the hydra

A new technology for instantaneous knowledge acquisition challenges the distinction between expert and non-expert. The military use of this neural implant will change the art of war forever.

Nei cun

the Nei Cun, A cognitive technology revolution

Originally designed to meet the needs of companies unable to source enough skilled workers, the technology has spread like wildfire, transforming the companies that have adopted it.

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eshu AND Maweshu

Communities around the world are adopting the Nei Cun and renaming it "Eshu". The Eshu is a powerful lever for development, resolving the bottlenecks associated with the training of rare skills, notably through the use of skills cards.

Skill cards
Maweshu et eshuMaweshu et eshu

archives recovered from the pamo


The Eshu is not only a technical device. It is a spiritual revolution. It forms the foundation of new egalitarian and horizontal forms of society, new cultural knowledge transmission practices, and new economic dynamics.

Aspect culturel et spirituel
City hydreCity hydreCity hydreCity hydreCity hydreCity hydre

Engramming workshop

Eshu implant maintenance and repair workshop; technical problems and malfunctions are solved here.


The place to be for trading skill cards, the Emporium structures the Maweshu community.

Ubunzima Center

Qualified Eshu installation laboratory, holder of the Asclépios28 hygiene label.

Ithuba Maweshu Pole

A community space where users (maweshu) can come together to exchange knowledge and skills via the eshu. Events, conferences and workshops are organized here.

Isikhova Ink Studio

A tattoo store specialized in the creation of unique designs to conceal the scars left by the Eshu implantation.

Eshu stores

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a liquid army

The Eshu army is a liquid army: anyone can swiftly join or leave, according to the needs and knowledge available at any given time. It quickly became known as the Hydra: its decentralized, liquid and horizontal nature makes it resistant to strategies aimed at decapitating its HQ central command.

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The Eshu makes it possible to militarize civilians by transferring knowledge and technical skills to them instantly. In this way, a significant number of civilians can be enlisted and join the ranks of combatants for a brief, or long period of time.



Watch out! Your opponent is mobilized to acquire your skills! If you are classified as an Expert Resource, be vigilant. Your personal safety is the safety of the entirety of the armed forces.

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The space rush

Spaceship and moon
Soldier space red teamSoldier space red teamSoldier space red teamSoldier space red team
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