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After the Carbonic Night

The ecological catastrophe brought about by the carbonic night has reshaped the world. Saving energy is no longer a question of morality, it's a necessity for survival - especially in combat.

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The arrival of the carbonic night

In the heart of the summer of 2035,

marked by record temperatures even compared to already unprecedented averages, a fire breaks out in the oil wells of Perunie. The fire descends into a megafire: hundreds of thousands of hectares burn for months, plunging the world into darkness. And that's only the beginning...

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The ecological priority

After the "carbonic night", the central powers agree that decarbonization of the atmosphere is not an option, but a question of survival for humanity. Ecological issues are taking on unprecedented weight at the United Nations. Ecological concerns are moving to the top of every country's priority list.

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And on the rezoso...

The battle for energy is also played out on social networks (or re-zoso).

Logo hermel


Hermel is a Cabirian security company with offices in 137 countries. Its core business is its ability to identify local sources of supply; whether water, food, equipment, healthcare or energy, and to then mobilize these resources rapidly. Hermel maintains close and privileged ties with affected populations, the industrial and agricultural fabric and the institutions of all the countries in which it operates; ensuring safe, rapid and quality services in all areas. Hermel relays are present in all areas, whether in rural or urban areas.


Plan: Hermel informs you in advance on the economic, political and material realities of the environment where you have to intervene. Hermel also intervenes on site to prepare for your arrival.

Teach: Hermel provides VR training for any local environment, to minimize elements of surprise and limit risk.

Provide: Hermel's local correspondents quickly provide all necessary complement to information, communication, energy and transportation.

Hermel logo white

With Hermel, Keep in touch

Hermel's relays masts, installed locally at home, can be easily activated on demand to provide a secure communication network for all your needs. They are of two kinds:

The major XG relays replace the 700 and 2100 Mhz antennas. They transmit on several frequency bands which have a fairly long range. They allow a good penetration inside buildings and a good coverage at long distance.

Minor XG relays or mini-relays, can be used to improve coverage and connectivity in dense urban areas, or in rural areas with little coverage.

Hermel's network ensure unobstrusive connectivity


energy transmission

the enskin outfit

The soldier's outfit provides his protection, as well as striking power and communication tools. Additionally, an enskin ensures energy recovery and management.


High capacity ballistic helmet with connected visor and night vision amplification, SCTI-7, integrated AI "hyperassistant", ballistic glasses and IR and electromagnetic sensors.

TREIllis c7a

Made of flame retardant resin fabric with a blade resistant biokevlar weave, lined with a breathable, enskin compatible coating.

modulairE fighting bag

With a maximum capacity of 100 liters, with for example a filtering water bottle, a thermo- and hygro-regulating tent...


Energy recovery system, consisting of a suit under the mesh that converts body heat and mechanical energy produced by physical activity into electricity.

C7E COMBAT shoes

Adapted to the operational constraints, compatible with the percussive transmission module.


casque de protection balistique haute capacité, à visière connectée et amplification pour vision nocturne, SCTI-7, "hyperassistant" IA intégré, lunettes balistiques et capteurs IR et électromagnétique.

TREIllis c7a

en tissu résiné retardateur de flamme et à trame en biokevlar résistant aux coups de lame, doublé d’un revêtement respirant, compatible enskin.

sac De combat modulairE

D’un emport de 100 litres max, avec par exemple une gourde filtrante, une tente thermo- et hygro-régulatrice...


de récupération d'énergie, composée d'une combinaison sous le treillis convertissant en électricité la chaleur corporelle et l'énergie mécanique produite par l'activité physique.

Chaussures DE COMBAT C7E

adaptées aux contraintes opérationnelles,
compatibles avec le module de transmission

Red Team saison 2


Flying nanorobot in the shape of a mosquito, programmed to attack any enemy equipment by connecting to its plugs or cables, through which it drains its energy

Red Team saison 2
Militaire Red TeamMilitaire Red Team
Don't crush it! Grab it. Wait... We know how to reprogram the damn things, don't worry
(ouch] Another one of those damn wenzis!
Red Team saison 2


An Ecosystemic War

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