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Song : Technology Innovation
Artist : Max-Music
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Water Lily City

New cities shaped like water lilies emerge. Composed of an amplitude of floating elements, they constitute the first sign of the P-Nation development.

© Jeanne Bregeon


Lagos-over-Water, the water lily city's latest advancement.


In 2026, France, along with 22 partners, including 15 European countries, embarks on a radically new project: the Guianese Space Elevator (GSE). This project will elevate France to the forefront of nations with a perspective on the future.


attack of the chemical tanker

On March 11, 2064, a group of P-divers board two large chemical tankers sailing in the English Channel, near Dunkirk, in the very dense Channel area.


The Kourou space center (CSG) has embarked on a colossal project: a space elevator built around a carbon nanotube chain located in the CSG enclosure. It produces a hyper-flexible and hyper-resistant "carbon-silk" cable, stretched between land and space by the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation. The lifts will ensure the transport of freight at a nominal cost, until reaching the 36 000 km geosynchronous orbit. It should provide access to all terrestrial orbits, but also transit to orbits of the asteroid belt, the Moon and Mars.

© François Schuiten

Sketches: the pirates of the future

© François Schuiten