Chronicle of a Cultural Death Foretold

In the near future, communities have structured themselves into "safe spheres". Will the French army be able to navigate this balkanized reality to rescue its citizens?

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Cultural balkanization

For sociologist Guillaume Stievensen, the generalization of safe spheres is a civilizational turning point as it balkanizes the perception of the real world

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safe spheres

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Rue montrant la safe sphère d'une fan de yoga
Date of creation

January 2033 (Anjidiv, India)

Mission Statement

(Meditation) To promote, advance, share and raise awareness for meditation and its benefits


Drives large flows of health data + financial flows

Number of members

600 million worldwide, 4 million in France

Points to monitor

Beware of health data phishing

Positive influence

Peaceful safe space, contributes to the well-being of numerous members

Substantive Actions

Safe sphere successfully leads an offensive against Western decision-making centers (stressed executives)

rue montrant la safe sphère d'une fan de rock
Date of creation

August 2034 (Detroit, USA)

Company name

Share the love of metal and jam all around the world !


(Metal) Music sharing is real, remote concerts are regularly organized sizeable, flows of dedicated material exchange

Number of members

400 million, a quarter of which is in the United States

Points to monitor

Some rooms (sub-safe spheres) are to be monitored for extremist activism activities.

Positive influence

Shows some effectiveness in channeling the energy of young members into an artistic and playful activity

Effective actions

Has already organized eight large festive gatherings in real life on the island of Inisbofin, without any excesses

Safe space advertizing

Fake news

Issues arising from the verification of individuals

Identifying people that present a health risk due to a bioterrorist attack to treat them is easy, thanks to a protocol of medical examinations. But identifying ideologically dangerous elements and isolating them is more complex. These individuals are often masters in the art of fake-ID's.

carte d'identité actuelle
Classic ID

Physical identity documents will be required. Solid, difficult to duplicate, they are unfortunately a rarity and held by an aging population. Former detectors of false documents are already in transit to the RERCs. Failing that, any paper document inscribed with a name can be presented for analysis, including handwritten documents (personal letters). Digital documents (invoices, receipts, diplomas, medical results, payslips, etc.), 2 or 3D visuals (family photos) can be used, but they must be analyzed for debunking.

tête en 3D en rotationcarte d'identité futuriste
Biodata sheet

Biodata sheets are quite comprehensive, but can be forged. An A.I. routine will be applied to each card. The cross-checking of approved databases will allow us to raise or lower suspicion. The most frequent cases are:

1. DNA
2. Diploma
3. Address
4. Language
5. Antibodies

The Various Generations of Robots

Robotic forces


Bipod Xtent

Year of commissioning: 2029 Autonomy: 30 days in low power - 2 days in action

Type of weapon: light ballistic - incapacitating (taser + tear gas)

Detection qualities: thermal cameras - facial recognition

Goal: light, humanoid looking, it intervenes in urban areas for pacification actions

Number of copies: 3000 in use

Manufacturer's name: Bostrom Industry

Past and future uses: already old, the Xtent bipod remains a safe value in urban and peri-urban conflicts, especially since the implementation of a stealth shield


Impire Tetrapod

Year of commissioning: 2032 Autonomy: 3 days in low power - 24 hours in action - fast charging (12h)

Type of weapon: semi-heavy ballistic + laser + sonic

Detection qualities: multi-wave cameras, motion detectors. "Nothing escapes the Impire"

Number of copies: 250 in service

Manufacturer's name: X-War

Past and future uses: New developments will allow it to move on any terrain, including water and air, and to intervene in any army corps

Goal: With the size, weight and look of a bull, Impire is a precious ally in direct conflicts, whether urban or outside the walls. Also useful for demining, but at a prohibitive cost


The swimmer

Year of commissioning: ??? Autonomy: not known at this time

Type of weapon:  not known at this time

Detection qualities: probable broad spectrum detectors. No stealth approach could be successfully conducted to sample

Number of copies: 88 observed, mainly in the equatorial Pacific (possible link with the Bloop?)

Manufacturer's name: ?

Past and future uses: To be watched.

Goal: After analysis, the swimmer was probably downloaded from the future. Indestructible, impossible to startle, ultra-fast, this stealthy aquatic robot would be frighteningly efficient if it obeyed orders. But no one has yet been able to give it any


the sublime door reopens

The frantic race for hypervelocity weapons led to the emergence of the defensive shield, and then to the hyperfortress, which is its ultimate avatar. War will be forever changed...

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